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In 2004, our Cockapoo Shadow, and I visited "The Rock". It was the first time I had been since the mid 1970's. In the 70's, the USDA still had a fire tower on the top, providing an additional 60' of elevation to what is nearly an 1000' elevation. The rock itself plateaus about 100' above the base, as shown in the first picture, and is itself on a significant rise. In 2010, a group organized to clean up the debris left from many years of party goers, and the paths are mostly glass and can free. Here's a link for some history (about half-way down the page).http://www.westernkyhistory.org/christian/meacham/
So I gathered my adventure gear and went solo this time, and Fortune smiled as the light was nearly as perfect as the environs for photo snapping. I have often considered returning on a snow day for what I would imagine to be some spectular shots, however, there are lotsa steep, rocky surfaces, and I don't think I have the stones for the climb...

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