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Opened in 1954,to serve Clarkswville, TN, Memorial Hospital was demolished late in 2010, to be replaced by a Publix store. Our mother Lee Cardillo, worked there as a surgical suite nurse, 1959 - 1978. She lived a city block from the hospital, and was also one of the last patients before the doors closed.
As if the building had been visited by some horrid disease, the curative for which was to excise the body in total, destruction became its fatal prescription. I attempted to capture the feel for the demolition of, and life which had passed through this complex, part of which was only thirty-five years old. Our mom passed away during the month of December 2010, as the demolition was completing, an irony not wasted by any of her children.
I must express my gratitude to the Cecil Morgan family of Morgan Contractors, Inc. for granting me access during the demolition.
The photos contained herein are a "gift" to the many career professionals who graced Memorial Hospital all its years, and they are free for the copying, as Lee would have liked. They are copyrighted, though, and if they are to be used for any purpose other than as personal memorabilia, you must seek my permission, please.
Music: Abyss, Brian Slawson, Triple Scoop Music. All rights reserved.

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